Multiflora Honey Twigs Pack
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Multiflora Honey Twigs Pack

Brand: Honey Twigs
Product Code: HT001
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Natural Honey in single serve Twig.

For a quick energy fix, rip, squeeze & enjoy these delicious Honey Twigs pack of 30. Free of antibiotics our nutritious honey comes in a single-serving packaging which is ideal for when you're on the go. Stash a box in your office, keep one in the kitchen, or reach out to them in the car. Enjoy Honey On The Go!

BRAND Honey Twigs
MATERIAL Ingredients: 100% Multi-flora Honey
Product Information
Product Information Expiry: Best before 18 months from packaging. Storage Instruction: Do not refrigerate. Honey may crystallize in cold weather, place the twig in warm water or sunlight to return in its normal state
Product Weight(KG)*
Product Weight(KG)* 240g

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