The concept of Farm Store is based on the change in the life style of us Indian. With change in our lifestyle people have become more hygiene, diet conscious and choosy of what they eat and where they eat. Still being Desi’s by heart our palate carve for home made food, pickles, chutney's and other products. As life being so busy to experiment with Mom’s recipe's and products available are either unhygienic or unhealthy processed, new age Indian is deprived of satisfying his/her Desi Palate.

Thus Farm Store objective is to offer range of products from homemade recipe’s, using only the best natural ingredients. Each product is handcraft with absolutely no artificial addictives….

Also with achievement comes the sense of social responsibility. As our products are handcrafted by women, farmers & artisans and are sourced directly from them, so as one buys products of Farm Store they are helping in empowering the women and farmers.

Thus Farm Store products… People friendly….Earth friendly…. …

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